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Who are you, MindyFresh?

I’m Mindy and here to help make being healthy an easy part of your life. I am passionate about helping others achieve a greater state of health. I have a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Exercise, but I did learning on my own. I used to be an athletic trainer but decided that wasn’t for me. I am a quiet, reserved, observant person with a lot of ideas. I like to spend time with my family, cook, and do yoga. 

Why MindyFresh?

It was a nickname from years ago. It kind of fits the idea of being healthy and fresh, so why not? I’m here to give a fresh perspective on health without any complications. It is refreshing when things are easy.

Why are you here, Mindyfresh? 

I believe food is absolutely the reason for how you feel and act. It’s the single most important thing to improve health. I am not sure why more people don’t immediately consider what they’re eating when they are faced with an ailment. See my views in this post: Eat real food.

I want to simplify information for you. You won’t find anything too difficult to read or complicated in my posts. I try to break it down as best as I can so the average person can understand it.

I don’t believe that people are just lazy or have no self-control. We are told incorrect information about health by those who we thought to trust. We don’t need to follow a specific diet or make our lives difficult to get healthy.

In my blog, you’ll find:

  • Straightforward information about nutrition that is easy to digest
  • Simple, real food recipes for anyone
  • Easy ways to add movement in your life