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Who is MindyFresh?

I’m Mindy and here to help make being healthy an easy part of your life. 

I have a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Exercise, so you can probably trust me.

I am a quiet, reserved, observant person with a lot of ideas. I like to spend time with my family, cook, and do yoga. 

MindyFresh, why such a strange name?

It was a nickname from years ago. It fits the idea of being healthy and fresh, so why not? I’m here to give a fresh perspective on health without any complications. It is refreshing when things are easy.

What I will provide here:

I believe health is absolutely the reason for how you feel and act. The combination of healthy food, movement, and mental health can help many issues. See my overall views in this post: Eat real food.

I want to simplify information for you. You won’t find anything too difficult to read or complicated in my posts.

I don’t believe that people are just lazy or have no self-control. We are told incorrect information about health by those who we thought to trust.

There are no specific rules here, just overall health.