spicy egg taco on plater

Spicy Egg Taco

You won’t choose another breakfast or lunch after trying this crispy, spicy, savory egg taco.


7 Tips To Snack Mindfully

The reason I want to talk about snacking mindfully is because it can be something that hurts progress with weight loss or other health goals. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of snacking. I often hear of people confused when they eat healthy lunches and dinners…


Foods You Think Are Unhealthy, But Are Actually Healthy

Many people decide a food is unhealthy because they heard something about it or it has one thing that they think is bad, and then it made the bad list. Generally, foods can be less healthy because they are prepared in a different way but they…


Creamy Chicken Soup

A creamy chicken soup we make all the time with some hidden veggies inside. We enjoy this recipe with crackers or sourdough toast.   Hide cauliflower in this comforting creamy chicken soup

The Easiest Way To Stick To New Habits

Tired of Failing? Everybody wants to have a quick path to health. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works so you may be in the wrong place if you want that. If you want true lasting health changes, they take time and you must be patient. Starting…

how to love vegetables

How To Love Vegetables

Trouble eating vegetables is a common thing among most people, and I’m not referring to just kids. While it’s easy to hide them, it’s also good to get to know them. We all already know how healthy vegetables are. They have nutrients our body needs, especially…

puppy pose

Rounded Shoulder Relief

When sitting on the computer or phone or really just about anything, gravity pulls our shoulders in and round them. The chest gets tight and the shoulders are weak. Let’s explore a few exercises that can help. These are only a few of my favorites that…