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7 Tips To Snack Mindfully

The reason I want to talk about snacking mindfully is because it can be something that hurts progress with weight loss or other health goals. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of snacking. I often hear of people confused when they eat healthy lunches and dinners…

healthy pasta

Healthy Pasta Alternatives

Who doesn’t love pasta? Most people feel some sort of comfort from consuming noodles for some reason. Unfortunately, most pasta comes with a bunch of calories and not much nutrition to go with those calories. Right away, allow me to mention that I am not telling…

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower Pizza

I thought this cauliflower crust pizza was never going to work but I was pleasantly surprised! If it is made correctly and ALL the water is squeezed out, you will be left with a crust that can hold together and is nutritious.  I found the recipe…