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Healthy recipes are the key to any healthy lifestyle and living success. Here are recipes to give the average person a healthy, nutrient dense, real food recipes to try.

Here, healthy means real and nutrient dense. There are no rules or restrictions here. You will find a recipe that could suit anyone. I am well aware of the dietary needs and preferences out there and most recipes can be adjusted appropriately. 

My thoughts on food are found in my post, The Healthiest Diet. I only eat foods that are going to give me nourishment and fill me up properly. I do not waste my space with empty calorie foods or foods that are processed. With that being said, I believe that we all need balance and need to let ourselves enjoy life sometimes. 

Just like exercise, do what you can and leave the rest. It takes time and small steps. But I will say that you should definitely learn how to cook basic food. That’s a skill everyone should have. 

Cabbage and carrot stir fry

Simple Stir Fry

Dinner plans can be stressful when you don’t know what to make each week. Fortunately, a recipe such as this is easy to fit in a weekly rotation. Stir fry with cabbage and carrots is a staple in my household. I make this recipe almost every week…

Spaghetti Squash Chicken Alfredo

Spaghetti Squash Chicken Alfredo

Spaghetti squash chicken alfredo has become a favorite of mine and is a great alternative to pasta.  Regular pasta does not have much flavor to begin with, so replacing it with a vegetable is quite easy. Creaminess and flavor of alfredo are retained in this recipe…

Latte with art

Healthier Latte

There is a healthier latte that my husband and I enjoy from time to time. We call it “fancy coffee” that we make with our Ninja coffee bar. A healthier latte is simply a latte without artificial ingredients. I have for you a wonderful blend of real, healthy ingredients to…

cacao date bars

Cacao Date Bars

Dates, walnuts, and cacao powder come together in a delicious,  raw, and healthy chocolate snack that is a great source of energy especially when you hit that mid-day slump. *Mindyfresh is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to…

Crock pot chicken taco stuffed sweet potatoes with side of avocado

Chicken Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I have been trying my best to make recipes that are super easy and easily prepared ahead of time. These crock pot chicken taco stuffed sweet potatoes were very easy and ready when I arrived home from work. That’s exactly what I am going for and…

Chipotle Taco Seasoning ingredients

Chipotle Taco Seasoning

Why buy a packet when you can make your own chipotle taco seasoning? Two reasons not to: It costs money when you already have the spices Ok, true it is only 1 or 2 dollars, but the next reason might be convincing It has nasty ingredients mixed in…

crock pot bone broth ingredients

Bone Broth

Bone broth is simply wonderful for the body. I am talking about cooking bones until every nutrient is extracted out, not the kind you buy in a carton at the store (though some are good, like this one). Today I will show you a simple homemade crock…

Eggplant parmesan lasagna

Eggplant Parmesan Lasagna

Eggplant is a great alternative to pasta in lasagna. It also goes great with any type of marinara sauce. Eggplant parmesan lasagna soaks up flavors and delivers them to your taste buds. It is a wise choice to replace the noodles in a lasagna with some eggplant…

Freezer Fudge

Freezer Fudge

This freezer fudge recipe is easy, quick, and delicious. It was an experiment of having chocolate on hand but not out in the open. It’s fudge that I am pleasantly surprised about because I forget it’s there while looking around for a sweet snack. You know, opening the…

brussel sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

They are the famous “worst food ever” when you’re a kid. Most kids, anyway. I can say for certain I never had the experience as a child because my mother recently thought brussel sprouts were kohlrabi…Hi Mom! There are ways to make brussel sprouts taste good, believe it or…