Weekly Meal Planning

Weekly Meal Planning

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Weekly Meal Planning

I am willing to bet that you are so busy that eating well is difficult and takes extra time that you don't have, just like the rest of us. As it turns out there's a way a ...

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I am willing to bet that you are so busy that eating well is difficult and takes extra time that you don’t have, just like the rest of us. As it turns out there’s a way around that: weekly meal planning. Creating a weekly meal plan saves time, money, and helps prevent you from having to eat poorly when you are away from home. Make it a priority to plan out your meals and you will eat healthier as a result.

I use Sunday as a weekly meal planning day to shop and prepare. If you don’t work a traditional work week, then use any day that you have some extra time. It doesn’t take that long depending what you plan to make. On my fridge, I write down what we are eating each day so that we are never stuck wondering what to eat or tempted to order in.

weekly meal planning

Tips on weekly meal planning

Leftovers – Make more than you need for easy lunches or another dinner the next night. That makes putting it in a bowl and taking it to work easy enough.

Prepare – One day is dedicated to prepare all lunches or snacks. I don’t mean ALL day either. This greek salad was prepared on the first day of the week for the whole week. It just takes cutting up the tomatoes, onions, preparing meat if you want, and putting ingredients into separate containers.

weekly meal planning

Grocery list – Always use a list at the store to prevent overspending which can lead to wasting food and impulse buys. Order your list so that it matches the layout of your grocery store so you can save time by not running back and forth between the produce department and frozen foods aisle.

Slow cooker – Try planning a slow cooker meal at least once per week. You can throw the ingredients together before you head out the door and the meal will be ready when you get home from work. This ties into “leftovers” as a crock pot can typically hold quite a few servings.

Overlap ingredients – Get ingredients that are going to be used in multiple meals throughout the week. Fro example, I buy Greek yogurt to be used as a salad dressing for lunches and then sour cream for fajitas or tacos for a dinner. It used to go bad before I would use it all. This can help to prevent wasting food and money. If you don’t use something, try to freeze it to be used at a later time.weekly meal planning

Potential Problems

  • Budget – Read my posts how to eat healthy on a budget and how I save money for healthier food.
  • Not knowing what to make- Use the internet or pull out the old cookbook. Pinterest is one of the best sites for recipe ideas. You can even search in Google with the ingredients you have and you will find something that has been made. For example, I have mushrooms, ground beef, and green beans. Type those in and add “recipe” and you may find what you need.
  • No time to cook when home- Make more slow cooker meals or more salads. These are easy and take very little time to prepare. The time you spend going out or in a drive through is likely longer.
  • Not knowing how to cook- As I have mentioned before in my first post, learning to cook is one of the most important things you can do. Look up recipes and follow instructions. Order online food deliveries that help you out even more (Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef).


Fresh Idea: Weekly meal planning will save money and improve health.  


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      Of course! I have tried both. I was planning on doing a review of Blue Apron soon. Blue Apron is the winner, the meals are better and tastier. Hello Fresh had meals that I could easily come up with on my own and we felt hungry after like we didn't have enough food. The meals are pretty basic. Depends on your preferences, I like to try new things!
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