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Here you will find exercises and stretches for various body parts and conditions, keeping in mind the lack of resources and lack of time that most of us have. 

My exercise philosophy is about doing what you love and do it one step at a time. Exercise doesn’t have to always be complicated. Getting more movement throughout the day is more effective and lifestyle changing than going to the gym for an hour.

child's pose

Simple Stretches for the Lower Body

Stretching is the easiest exercise out there and it prevents injury. Stretching even just once per day can provide benefit and even promote relaxation to our stressed out days. Lower body stretches especially may counteract sitting all day. Here I provide some easy lower body stretches that anyone can try,…

triceps extension exercise

Lean Lazy Arms

Minimal effort required here. I present to you my lazy arm exercises post, because we all get lazy.  A good time to get movement in is while watching TV. These lazy exercises can even be done without weights or with two carefully covered drinks. Lazy Arm…

foam roll chest opener stretch

Preventing Posture Pitfalls

Think about what you do all day. If you sit at a desk, you are likely to have slumped shoulders. If you look down at your phone, you are likely to have a strained neck. Posture is important for health and taking control of it can prevent injuries and make…

dancer pose

30 Day Challenges & Yoga Camp

30 day challenges are a great way to get in a routine. When I do something for 30 days in a row, I always expect it the next day. I look forward to it and when it’s over…I just keep going. I want to share with you my recent…

Any Movement Counts

“I don’t have any time”. The number one excuse is that we have no time to exercise. I totally get it though. You do not need to exercise as much as you think. (Try maybe just eating nutritious foods!) Try walking, yoga, strength training, or intense…