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Lean Lazy Arms

Minimal effort required here. I present to you my lazy arm exercises post, because we all get lazy.  A good time to get movement in is while watching TV. These lazy exercises can even be done without weights or with two carefully covered drinks.

Lazy Arm Exercises

Here are 4 lazy arm exercises to keep your arms going strong. 2 sets of 10 is always a good starting point. Add in some Lean Lazy Legs for the full experience..

Don’t forget to work that upper back to counteract these exercises! Find ideas in Preventing Posture Pitfalls. The posture exercises are also pretty lazy.

Tricep Press

Lay on your back with knees bent. Take one comfortable sized weight in both hands or one in each with arms straight up. Curl the arms down over your head and bend your elbows, carefully. Curl the weight back up. Please be careful of your face. You’re going to need it to watch that TV.

lazy arm exerciselazy arm exerciselazy arm exercise

Chest Press

Lay on your back with knees bent. Take a weight in each hand. Starting with your elbows on the ground at your sides and arms up, push both arms up until they are straight. Lower back to starting. That’s one rep. Don’t drop the weights on your head.

lazy arm exerciselazy arm exercise

Bicep Curl

This exercise is seated (legs crossed is comfy). Take weights in each hand. Curl your elbows so your palms touch your shoulders and lower back down. Don’t rock your body, keep everything still except for your arms.

lazy arm exerciselazy arm exercise

Shoulder Press

Again, sit on the couch or chair. Take weights in each hand. Raise arms up and overhead until straight. Lower down. Repeat. Don’t shrug your shoulders when straightening the arms.

lazy arm exerciselazy arm exercise


Lazy Arm Exercises

Fresh Moves: Lazy arm exercises count for health and can be done while watching TV.

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