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how to hide vegetables

How To Hide Vegetables

Vegetables are a food that we all need to consume. I know, it’s hard. I didn’t eat vegetables as a child, and if I did, it was from a can. Which may be better than anything, but it took some time to appreciate the flavor and…

Baked quinoa mac and cheese

Quinoa Mac & Cheese

When I was a young child, I enjoyed eating hot dogs with the blue box macaroni and cheese. Who else ate that?! Now it’s still comforting in a way… though we know that it is not too healthy and there were no vegetables. I made this baked quinoa…

Butternut Squash Fries

Butternut Squash Fries

Why not make butternut squash fries? Fries are made from potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips.  I will make a note, if you have an air fryer (which wasn’t a thing that I knew about when I first made this), everything will turn out much better, especially if…