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Brussel Sprouts

They are the famous “worst food ever” when you’re a kid. Most kids, anyway. I can say for certain I never had the experience as a child because my mother recently thought brussel sprouts were kohlrabi…Hi Mom! There are ways to make brussel sprouts taste good, believe it or…

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Vitamin D

Did you know vitamin D is actually a hormone? Hormones can alter genes and good things can happen to your body when they are properly activated. The role of vitamin D in the body is extremely important. Nearly half of us don’t get enough of this important…

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Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

Fat is vital to consume. Why was there ever a low-fat craze? We are clearly seeing now that low-fat or no-fat diets are not healthy for our bodies. Fats are essential and we need them for many functions in the body, so there is no reason…