how not to stay healthy during the holidays

How (Not) To Stay Healthy During The Holidays


I keep seeing articles about How To Stay Healthy For The Holidays and they’re all the same. We are supposed to be healthy all the time. Every single day. That’s fair and probably a good thing, but we also cannot be if we want to. I’m here to tell you to enjoy yourself during the holiday because you’ve probably done well all year (if not, oh well). If you haven’t reached the goals you want to reach yet and are pursuing them greatly, by all means do your thing. 


How (Not) To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

What are the holidays to you? It’s different for everybody. For me, I have about one or maybe two days (Christmas Eve and Christmas) where I maybe have opportunities to be “unhealthy”. Let’s call it two days a year. Two days out of 365, I’m not too worried about it.

Disclaimer: This is completely your choice. If you want to be particular about your health during the holidays, have at it. I’m just here to tell you it’s okay not to, too. 

Enjoy The Company Of Others

This is number one thing about the holidays. Many of these people you probably don’t see very often. Don’t let your pickiness or your “I don’t eat chocolate,” get in the way of your social interactions. (Also, who doesn’t eat chocolate?)

The holidays are about spending time with loved ones and eating good food and drinking tasty seasonal drinks. It’s one day, or maybe just a few days. You’ll be okay. Don’t let the worries of health and weight gain get in your way. You won’t gain weight from maybe two days of indulging. 

Eat Festive Foods

Certain holiday foods come about once a year. I’m going to enjoy them while they are here. You better be sure I’m going to enjoy all the peanut butter balls I can. ‘

Sit On Your Rear

Okay, well. This is what happens and that’s okay. We can exercise another day. Let all that yummy food just sit a while. 

I’m sure you’re not used to seeing this on a health blog, but health is made up of many components, all of which are important. Healthy doesn’t mean being obsessive about food. It’s about balancing nutrition, movement, and mental well being. Holidays=mental well being. 

What do you enjoy about the holidays? 


Have a great holiday! See you next year!

Let's get healthy together!

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