An Equipment Free Total Body Workout in Under 30 Minutes

An Equipment Free Total Body Workout in Under 30 Minutes

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An Equipment Free Total Body Workout in Under 30 Minutes

This post includes an equipment free 30 minute workout using interval training created by Jessica from I Am Teacher Fit, find out more about her below! These days, most of u ...

This post includes an equipment free 30 minute workout using interval training created by Jessica from I Am Teacher Fit, find out more about her below!

These days, most of us are incredibly busy. It can be a struggle to ensure we’re getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, or eating the right foods – not to mention getting enough activity to keep us healthy. What if I told you it’s possible to get in a workout that will train you from head to toe in under 30 minutes? Yes! It’s possible. Through Interval Training, you can get your sweat on while still being mindful of your time.

Interval Training

What is Interval Training?

Interval Training is simply defined as a type of fitness training that alternates between activities that typically require different degrees of effort, for example, intervals of work vs. complete rest.

Why Choose Interval Training?

Interval Training holds a wealth of benefits, aside from the saving you loads of time. Interval training boosts metabolism and allows you to keep burning fat and calories hours after completing your workout. This is known as after burn. Additionally, interval workouts can be performed anywhere and with as little or as much equipment as you’d like! This makes Interval Training a perfect option for staying fit while busy or on-the-go.

Try It to Believe It

Check out this equipment free interval workout that works upper body, lower body, core, AND gets your heart rate up! All you need is a timer.

Equipment Needed
  • Timer
Things to Remember
  • Warm up first
  • Give it your all during the “work” intervals, so that you can take complete advantage of the “rest” intervals!
  • Follow this workout with a cool down stretch after


Interval Training

How To Do A Burpee

How To Do A Skater Lunge


I hope you enjoy this workout. If you give it a try, please let me know! You can find more workouts like this on my website, I Am Teacher Fit. Please stop by. I’d love to have you!

Question: What is YOUR favorite way to break a sweat while being mindful of your time?


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About the Author:

Jessica is a wife, elementary teacher, and dog mom to a sweet mutt named Pippa. Jessica is the author of I Am Teacher Fit where she blogs about her health and fitness passions. Follow along as she trains for a half marathon while juggling everyday life. You can also find Jessica on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Interval Training

Medical Disclaimer:

This post provides fitness advice and is intended only to assist in personal fitness efforts. This post should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis. You are urged and advised to seek the advice of a physician before beginning this or any fitness regimen. The information contained is for healthy adult individuals only and the writer is not responsible for any injuries that result from the workout provided.

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Comments ( 29 )

  1. ReplyNatalie K.
    Great, this is going to help me to get in shape, since I started a healthier lifestyle - lot's of running and healthier food. Thanks for the post!
  2. ReplySamantha Bye
    I always struggle to know what exercise to do without any equipment, but this is really useful! Bookmarked for future reference :)
  3. ReplyTina von S
    I usually do HIIT workouts all the time! Short, but hard, meaning you get a lot of sweat in and you really feel like you have done a lot.
  4. ReplyNandita
    Equipment-free workouts are great as they give you the flexiblity to be regular with your exercise routine whether you are at home or away on vacation...will surely give it a try, thanks :)
  5. ReplyLeah
    This sounds perfect for a busy mummy! Pinning this for when I need a full body work out and don't have much time. (which is all the time!)
  6. ReplyShannon
    With a little one 30 minute intervals have become a stable in my fitness regime. Looking forward to giving this one a go.
  7. ReplyJacqueline
    Interval training has kept my weight in check. Your body can change so much as you age, and I gained a truckload of weight. Because I was tall and fairly muscular (thanks to my DNA) it didn't show that much. Until one day I stepped on the scale and was horrified!!!!! I took off 70lbs and never looked back. Interval training is :)
  8. ReplyBeth | Adventuring the Great Wide Somewhere
    I've gotten excellent results in the past from interval treadmill workouts. I have not tried it in at-home workouts yet, but I may try this one out. I am the worst at Burpees, so there is a certain comfort in knowing this plan only requires me to do it for 80 seconds, nicely broken up into small sections.
  9. ReplyBailey
    LOVE interval training! It always gives me the best results.
  10. ReplyKerry
    Great ideas! But I would rather do almost anything (including a root canal) than do burpees. I'm big, have flat feet, and want to die with each burpee. Is there a substitute I might try?
    • ReplyMindy Voet
      Of course, burpees are the worst! You could just step your feet up into the squat position and then rise up without jumping.
  11. ReplyDominique | Perchance to Cook
    This looks great! I secretly love burpees so any interval workout is good in my book :) I'm going to Pin this for later :)
  12. ReplyBrian Design
    Looks like a tough routine for someone like me who has been sedentary for the past few months. Thanks for sharing.
  13. ReplyAngela East
    LOL. When I read Burpees, Push-ups, and plank holds, I already knew this would be a calorie burner. Thanks for sharing this. I often neglect my work-out when I don't go to work because I work in my office gym. This will get me motivated to do something at home.
    • ReplyMindy Voet
      You're right about burning those calories! Those ones are hard!
  14. ReplyCandace
    Such an easy workout! I work two job and blog on the side of that so a quick and easy workout is key!
  15. ReplyNicole
    I love when skater lunges are included in workouts! I really enjoy them.
  16. ReplyAmy
    Thank you for the great, easy workout! I need stuff like this when I'm traveling and can't get to the gym.
  17. Replyjoleisa
    Thanks for the reminder that every bit of movement helps.
  18. ReplyCasey the College Celiac
    Bookmarking this workout for later! I love interval training but I haven't done it in ages...thanks for the inspiration!
  19. ReplyKasia
    I've always wanted to try this type of workout. I'll have to give it a try now. Thanks.
  20. Replymichele
    So perfect for laptop lifestyle or work-at-home peeps like me! Thanks for the nudge and the help! :)

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