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Hidden Veggie Smoothies

Lately I’ve been making a smoothie for breakfast. It’s quick, easy, healthy, affordable. Healthy smoothie ingredients include many things you might not normally eat and it’s so easy to do. 

Smoothie ingredients seem to be more fruits and milk. People think they are being healthy by drinking a smoothie from somewhere. Well, that’s not necessarily the case. You are probably consuming 50 or so grams of sugar. No, let’s not count, but that’s a lot. Single digits or none, folks.

Rather let’s add some healthy smoothie ingredients. Not to say fruit and milk aren’t, but limiting that sugar amount and adding veggies in any way possible is definitely ideal.  Veggies are the way to go here. I don’t know if anyone can argue that vegetables aren’t healthy, but please tell me if you object. 


Healthy Smoothie Ingredients

There are many options when it comes to healthy smoothie ingredients. Many of which are neutral vegetables that can easily be added in. 

How to Make a Smoothie

  • Get a blender
    • Well, that’s a given. We personally thought it was a good investment to get a Ninja Pro because we would be having these every morning and for our health. Smoothie cups on the go. Certainly makes meal planning easier! 
  • Experiment
    • Test it out a few times. There’s no measuring in smoothies really, but if it’s too liquid or too thick it may not work for you. You can find a recipe, but it’s almost better to just throw stuff in. Don’t discount a smoothie ingredient if you only tried it once. Be open. 
  • Try to add only one veggie at a time. 
    • Don’t overwhelm yourself. Find what works. 

healthy smoothie ingredients

Healthy Smoothie Ingredients – Hidden Veggies

Frozen cauliflower

Get those veggies in. Cauliflower makes a smoothie super smooth and doesn’t taste like anything. If it’s frozen, it’ll help with thickness too. If you’re sensitive to raw cauliflower, try steaming it first and then having that ready for the week. 

Frozen Zucchini

It’s zucchini season. Chop those up and throw them in. They don’t even taste like anything in there. 

Butternut Squash/Pumpkin/Carrot

These should be steamed first as they are hard. These would be great with an orange type smoothie. A great example, a pumpkin pie smoothie.


Add a little red to your life. These are best steamed and good with a berry smoothie that is mostly sweet to start with. 

healthy smoothie ingredients


Greens are always good and they don’t add any flavor whatsoever. Why not throw some in there? If you’re upset by the color, feel free to use a solid cup so that you won’t have to look at it. I personally think kale is a bit tough and leaves bits, so I prefer spinach. 


Get that smoothness! Avocados are a great fat source. Avocado is not a veggie, but it is nutritious all the same. 


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Additional Healthy Smoothie Ingredients

Frozen Banana

Banana adds sweet with nutrients, plus increases the smooth factor.  Often times, you don’t need any other source of sweet with a banana. It doesn’t have to be frozen, but I prefer it that way. 


Almond, dairy, coconut, whatever it is. You got to have that liquid in there to balance it all out. Water doesn’t do it well enough for me. I like almond milk because it adds more flavor and some sweet along with it, even if it is the unsweetened version. 


Not actually necessary, but I would suggest at least a frozen banana for some sweetness. It depends what you have or what you’re making, but a few of my favorites are blueberries, strawberries, or cherries. 

Nut Butter

I add these for a fat source. Every meal should have some fat in it for our balance in health.

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder itself is healthy and has nutrients. It’s not like eating a chocolate bar. Make yourself a chocolate shake and love it. Try this chocolate peanut butter smoothie!


Sometimes I add three or four dates to sweeten while also adding some fiber and nutrients. I love dates as a sweetener because they add more than just sugar. I can say for myself it’s difficult to drink a bitter smoothie, but let’s try to make it a little better than straight sugar.
healthy smoothie ingredients


Soak some raw cashews the night before and drain and blend in with your smoothie. Tastes like cheesecake! It’s surely expensive if it’s a regular thing, but maybe once in a while. 
healthy smoothie ingredients

Greens Powder

Great for quick flavorless nutrition. Amazing Grass makes a good one. I like this stuff from Amazing Grass, I just wish it wasn’t expensive! 

healthy smoothie ingredients

Other add-ins: vanilla extract, lemon, almond extract, chia seeds, flax seed, coconut

These are easy smoothie ingredients to make your morning easy and healthy. 

My Favorite Healthy Smoothie:

  • Blueberries
  • Almond butter
  • Frozen cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Almond Milk
  • Vanilla
  • Frozen banana 

What’s your favorite healthy smoothie ingredient?

Let's get healthy together!

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  • Lewis Johnson

    January 23, 2019

    Frozen cauliflower in your smoothie? That’s new to me.


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